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Import Services

Viability study

Customs clearance

Customs classification study

Specialization in the import of cosmetics and chemical products

Export Services

Adaptation of products and packaging

Viability study

Negotiation advice

Consultancy for participation in international fairs

Product Development

Qualification of foreign suppliers

Assistance in the development of exclusive formulas and products

Advice on necessary licenses for the Brazilian market

Foreign Trade Consulting

We prepare your company to operate in foreign markets

Extensive experience with vertical integration of the production chain

Registration of cosmetics on the European market


We offer affordable services to small and medium producers who seek greater competitiveness by reducing the cost of inputs. We also want to bring the opportunity for these customers to negotiate abroad in order to bring innovative products that may compose the universe of products for each brand, under these circumstances increasing the visibility of these companies in the domestic and foreign markets. To branch out our horizons and be able to offer solutions to the requirements of all our customers, we want to set up ourselves as a dynamic and global company, which learns from our customers and employees by expressing the knowledge into accessible and innovative products.

Our mission

We enable the expansion of international companies by helping our customers in creating innovative products with global potential. Based on this, we want to offer a platform for international companies to be seen as high skilled in international business, consequently strengthening their position in the global market.

Our values

As promoters of beauty in the world, we believe in respecting the beauty of all people. We also respect each person's way of being, whether in their work or in their personality, and respect is only built with humility. We seek to learn from our customers and employees because we believe in the potential of each person and how this potential helps us grow. We promote the personal development of our employees as a form of corporate development, giving merit to the personal effort, the continuous growth of efficiency, and the commitment to the company's vision. We act with transparency, as we believe that the clarity of actions encourages solidarity in the workplace. We focus on results, and we hold our employees responsible, who must always act in a fraternal and ethical manner.



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