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Companies wishing to import (as well as to export) must be duly registered with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism in the area of Foreign Trade Service, from then on they will have access to Siscomex. The company or individual interested in importing must first obtain information about the goods, conditions of purchase, the feasibility of selling in the country, the possibility of acquiring a national product on equal or more advantageous terms, before registering as an importer.

As the English economist David Ricardo (1777-1823) already proposed in his Theory of Comparative Advantages, international trade is always interesting for countries to a greater or lesser extent. Maintaining commercial relations with as many countries as possible and having a high volume of exchanges guarantees the country a positive image at the international level, which greatly favors obtaining financial investments and political concessions.

Brazil being a legitimately diplomatic country has much to explore within the world market. The entry of cutting-edge technologies, recognition as a strengthened economy, and visibility within bodies such as UNESCO, UN, and IMF are the objectives most sought by the national government, as they are part of the strategic agenda of the State.

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